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GRR, a small, easy to navigate international airport.

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Inside the Rapid Central Station building.

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Amtrak station with waiting room.

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Bus system throughout the city, including the DASH and the SilverLine.


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Specialty gourmet shop—wine, beer, home décor, cheese, etc.

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Old funeral chapel with Belgian beers and French/American food.

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Cherry Deli

A fresh deli offering great sandwiches and soups.

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Amazing street-style taco and Mexican joint.

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Local brewery with a patio that has a fireplace and picnic tables.

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Former trucking depot turned brewery and taproom.

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Latin and Asian Fusion cuisine.

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The Green Well

A delicious farm-to-table gastropub.

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Premium farm-to-table restaurant.

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Japanese restaurant with unique sushi rolls and hibachi.

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Outdoor coffee shop with hammocks and gardens.

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Bakery with wonderful sandwiches, salads, soups, calzones, pizza, etc.

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Gourmet bar food, cocktails, and craft beer.


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A neighborhood of historical houses in downtown Grand Rapids.

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A Frank Lloyd Wright-designed house in Heritage Hill.


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Locally-owned movie theater chain.

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Circle Theatre

Originally in a round theatre, now housed at Aquinas College.

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Convention center right on the Grand River.

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Home of the West Michigan Whitecaps.

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Plants, sculptures, and annual butterflies.

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Including the president’s burial site and a chunk of the Berlin Wall.

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Art collection and events.

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Learn about craft brewing in Beer City, USA.

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Theatre school and community theatre right downtown.

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Rotating exhibits and alphabet themes.

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A party on wheels.

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Park, petting zoo, and rotating exhibits.

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A Christian theatre troupe.

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Swing dance in the summer, ice skating in the winter.

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Classes, music, and events.

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Concert venue with standing floor and mezzanine seating.

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Sports, concerts, and shows in downtown Grand Rapids.